Welcome to the State of Rockria!

Rockria is a micronation bordering The United Kingdom,
It is a small pond located quite simply, in my back garden.
We appreciate it if you join and enjoy what our micronation has to offer!

We value the safety, time and effort of our citizens.

The country would not be possible without the citizens of it. We are grateful for the effort our citizens give and so safety, time and wellbeing of our citizens is a top priority.


Here in Rockria, we pride ourselves with a monarchy. HRH King Curtis, welcomes all.


We believe in the right to vote, and thus a democracy is key for the nation's success.

freedom of speech

Freedom of speech simply cannot be overlooked. The Freedom of the press shall go uncontested and citizens, as with starting a business can create media.

want to make a difference?

Apply for citizenship or contact us